Pollen Nation Farm – Gift Shop and The Beestro

All for the love of the bees

Check out our website and social media for opening hours and specials.  We offer a unique gift shop, special events and the Beestro Cafe – look under Culinary Experiences on this website for more information about The Beestro.

You’ll find a selection of local and handmade items featuring our raw, unpasteurized forest honey that is 100% pure Newfoundland honey directly from our bees on our farm.

The honey produced by the bees is never treated with antibiotics. The Newfoundland bee population is one of the only places in the world where bees are free from the threat of varroa mites, allowing the Newfoundland honeybee to produce the highest quality honey which we harvest to give you a world-class product. We harvest responsibly, never taking too much. Our hives are located on an acreage surrounded by boreal forest, which allows the bees to forage freely among evergreens and wildflowers, which gives their honey a truly unique and distinct flavour.

Our ambition is simple, highlight the region we love by creating a quality experience for you so we can share our passions. Honey. Bees. Food.