Indigenous Guided ToursMi'kmawNewfoundland • Norris Point

Gros Morne Adventures

Discover Mekapisk

Come with us on a journey back in time where we look at Gros Morne through the eyes of her first inhabitants. Join an Indigenous guide in a sea-going zodiac to an isolated cove in Bonne Bay where we’ll explore what attracted successive Indigenous groups to this area. To understand how the First Peoples lived, we’ll look at the land from their perspective, look to the sea with their needs in mind, and hold the raw materials of their tools in our hands.

Enjoy a short walk on a game trail and explore the plants and animals that sustained early human life here. Check out the views from a headland, looking for the marine life that was so important to First Peoples in this area.  Try your hand at making fire using stone age tools and cook Lu’skinikin (bannock) over an open fire. Gather around the fire for tales of the triumphs and tragedies of our ancestors.