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Blue Spruce X

All Season Guided Labrador Adventures

Learn about the unique culture of Central Labrador, the Innu and Nunatsiavut Land.  No matter the season or the terrain we’ll customize an itinerary by foot, snowmobile, boat, plane or our industrial off road utility amphibious vehicle, Fat Truck.  From full day itinerary’s to multi-day trips of a lifetime, you’ll engage with our culture and understand the beauty of Labrador with an opportunity to create an emotional connection to the land.  Tour North West River and Lake Melville area, or take a thousand-kilometer trip along the Mealy Mountains, Kaipokek Bay, Nain, and Hebron.

Gordie Rendell, owner and operator of Blue Spruce X, is a strong and experienced Nunatsiavut Inuit guide. He was born and raised in Happy Valley-Goose Bay, spending much of his childhood in the nearby North West River.