NLITA Celebrates Second Annual General Meeting

The Newfoundland & Labrador Indigenous Tourism Association (NLITA) hosted their 2021-2022 Annual General Meeting online on June 24th with Indigenous Tourism Stakeholders and partners from across Newfoundland & Labrador. There was much to celebrate as 2021-2022 was an exciting year for NLITA. The dedicated board of directors worked hard to see NLITA grow throughout the pandemic and were excited to announce the hiring of NLITA’s first staff member, Caroline Swan, as the Executive Director. They were also pleased to share that Kellie Kerpan has joined the Board of Directors as the Qalipu First Nation Government seat representative. A full operational report was provided by Jill Larkham and NLITA supporter Richard Lewis of Indigrow. Caroline Swan gave a future outlook for the organization, and Keith Henry presented the Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada’s Build Back Better strategy.

A new Executive Committee was elected following the AGM and NLITA is proud to announce the appointments of Jill Larkham as Chair, Colleen Lambert as Vice-Chair, Niki Greeley as Secretary, and Kellie Kerpan as Treasurer.

A big thank you to the Board of Directors for their continued leadership. The future of Indigenous tourism in Newfoundland & Labrador looks strong.

Learn more about NLITA’s Board of Directors here.